I am the Midnight Barista

Now Playing: a mixture of “Floating in Space” and whatever’s playing over the café speakers.

Here at college, one of my favorite things is my job as a barista. I could go on and on, singing the praises of the chemistry that is mixing flavors, espresso, and steamed milk. It’s the best kind of chemistry. 

So here I sit during my 7-midnight shift, at one of three big tables in the cozily-lit café, with only my coworker doing homework and a cute couple sitting on the big leather sofa cuddling and talking about whatever fancies them. This is my first late-night shift, and although I had some apprehension beforehand about the aspect of working until midnight on a Sunday night (with a 9am class the next morning), it’s not too bad so far. Basically, I’m getting paid to sit here with my feet propped up, study for my Spanish exam, listen to really good music, and drink a lot of caffeine to get through this shift (Café Milano, anyone?). I’m not going to complain.

[Tangent: I am beginning to question the power of caffeine over my body. Surprisingly, I don’t think I’m developing a caffeine dependency, but maybe it’s too soon to tell. Anyway, I’ve been drinking caffeine since about 8pm, and even now I’m beginning to get tired (hence my choppy, distracted writing tonight, for which I apologize).]

So, back to my topic: Why I love being a barista.

1. I love coffee, and I love to create. So, combining those two things, working at a coffee shop is the best of both worlds; it’s my dream job in the fabulous world of food service.

2. The atmosphere. It’s relaxed, unlike a lot of fast-food or other places where I’ve worked. Cafés are, by their very nature, relaxed, artsy-fartsy, and a nice place to slow down, chat with a friend, or just spend some “me-time.” In any café, you’re almost guaranteed to have cozy lighting, quality coffee, friendly baristas, and great background music. 

3. “Barista” is just a really fun, descriptive word. When I think of the word “barista,” I conjure images of wonderful, hipster, chill, artistic young people, with whom I like to identify myself (at least, in my head. If it’s not actually like that, please don’t tell me. Let me keep the dream alive.) 

4. The people I work with. They’re wonderful, friendly, great people, and they’ve helped me out so much. This is my first year working at the coffeeshop, so I’m still kinda fresh at this. But because of my fantastic coworkers’ patience, prowess, and mastery at this kind of delicious chemistry, they’ve taught me so much and passed onto me this great art. 

5. Two words: Free lattes. (Or whatever else I want to make for myself.) 

Well, we’re about to start closing up soon, so until next time:

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares Caffeine. Plans for energy and not for sleep, to give you a future and hope. Then you will crave me and come and drink me and I will energize you.” 

–Jammin’ Java, 2013-14



One thought on “I am the Midnight Barista

  1. Sounds like a great job. I used to be able to drink coffee all day long and still fall asleep at night, bug no more. I drink 2 or 3 cups and that’s it. But I do love coffee.

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